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Bicycle Rentals

Did you ever wish you had your bike while you were on vacation? You may have even thought about bringing your own with you but for whatever reason you changed your mind. There a lot of great reasons, practical and recreational, to ride a bike while you’re on vacation. Bike rentals make it fun and hassle free. All of our vacation rental homes are located on the scenic route of the Panhandle! Jump on one of our cruisers and take off for your own, open-air exploration of the local area surrounding your vacation rental home.

3-4 Day Package $45 Per Adult | $25 Per Child
5-6 Day Package $65 Per Adult | $45 Per Child
7+Day Package $85 Per Adult | $65 Per Child

You have the option to add any of our bicycle rental package to your vacation home reservation online via your LiveStay app - or feel free to call us direct and one of our agents will be happy to help. 1-844-722-3224